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1g Runtz Vape Pen
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1g Runtz Vape Pen

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1g Runtz Vape Pen with USB charging points



A disposable vape pen filled with the best Delta 9 95% THC and .084% CBD oil that goes into all The THC vape products and edibles. We source our RAW product from a licensed lab in California, who work closely with independent, artisan growers.

All Flavours are a mix of our THC Doctor Distillate and our Terpenes, specially designed straight from California and made from pure natural plant extracts.

So that is a 88% THC to 12% Organic Terpense mix, that is it!! Our pens are 100% SAFE! All our terpenes are:

All Plant Derived, No Glycol, No PEG, No Glycerin.

We add NO MCT oil, Vitamin E or pesticides or any other substances to our THC apart from 12% plant derived organic terpenes. This is a natural plant based substance that imitates certain Cannabis strains and their unique and individual characteristics, these will give each THC pen its unique effects, flavour and smell.

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